iPhone 8 Rumors: Zirconium Ceramics And A Super Resolution Camera

#iPhone8 #iPhone7iPhone 8 Rumors: Zirconium Ceramics And A Super Resolution Camera : Long before the release of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, there have been rumors about what may come next. Specifically, these rumors have focused on what may be named the iPhone 8 — a handset in which many have more than a passing interest, and for good reasons. Next year is the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, and big things are expected from Apple to celebrate it.

iPhone 8 and zirconium ceramics

Every year Apple’s fans look to the future and hope/believe that it will do better next year, and 2017, as I explained above, will be no exception. In fact, the pressure is on Apple do produce something unique, such as an iPhone with a complete redesign.

One such rumor/hope is that Apple will do away with aluminum and instead use zirconium ceramics. This form of ceramics has the highest fracture toughness of any ceramic, which is perfect for high-pressure applications.

Recently, Brian Rosemmele wrote a post on Quora in which he talked about why Apple will use this material. However, not everyone appears to agree with his assumptions or the rumor in general, and some are suggesting that the iPhone 8 being made from a ceramic material is just not possible. So if you became excited about this possibility, here’s a quick explanation as to why it won’t happen.

Just the usual material for the next iPhone

Product designer Greg Koenig recently wrote an article about why the iPhone 8 won’t get ceramics, and according to him, the whole notion is just not feasible. Right now Apple uses a manufacturing process to produce the white ceramic Apple Watch. However, Koenig believes that it’s nearly impossible for Apple to transfer this process and upscale it for the iPhone 8.

The fact that the white ceramic Apple Watch utilizes this material means that it is the most labor-some smartwatch to manufacture on the market. If Apple were to attempt to upscale this process to the iPhone, it would need two football fields’ worth of kiln space for each iPhone 8, plus there would be a need for 200,000 new employees. In fact, that’s not all. Here’s an extract from the article, which explains it in detail.

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