Microsoft’s Windows Store Remains A Disappointing Affair

#Microsoft #WindowsStoreMicrosoft’s Windows Store Remains A Disappointing Affair : Microsoft Corporation’s message to gamers with Windows 10 was to show accentuated support, to finally treat PC gaming seriously. DirectX 12, being the new API, was promised to improve performance, bringing new level of efficiency to the Windows platform.

Microsoft’s plan took motion when Xbox One exclusives began turning up on the PC as well, and since Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3, many exclusives have embraced Windows including the Forza franchise.

A key component in Microsoft’s road to success was Windows Store. The Store that no one really cared about until Microsoft decided to distribute its published games exclusively through the Windows Store.

It stands that if gamers want to play games like Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, ReCore, Forza Horizon 3, they must sign up for Windows 10 and effectively use Microsoft’s own distribution platform. It’s a smart way to drive more people in to using the new OS and make Windows Store stand out in times when Steam is the dominant distribution platform.

Since such key games in Microsoft’s umbrella are only available through Windows Store making it such a pivotal component, they must have made sure their platform is reliable, right? Turns out that Windows Store is anything but that.

Gears of War 4 is out now and like many people I had it preordered days before. I love the Gears of War franchise and I was genuinely excited to play the next installment for the first time in 60fps on the kind of visuals only PC can provide.

I was happy to preorder it once performance of the game was confirmed to be rock-solid. Everything seemed only a matter of installing the game from then on, but I was actually in for a roller coaster of a disappointment.

I had heard about the horror stories of Windows Store which had me cautious but since Microsoft released an update for Windows 10 right when Gears of War 4’s preload began; I was optimistic that my experience with Windows Store will not be like the others. But oh boy was I dead wrong.

It is now past Gears of War 4’s launch and I still haven’t been able to download the game. Not because of the humongous 73GB file size but because of the Windows Store download system that is apparently kind of someone who holds a map upside down and then doesn’t understand where to go.

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