UFO sighting: Do images of Aliens on weird coins prove that they visited Earth?

#Alien #UFOUFO sighting: Do images of Aliens on weird coins prove that they visited Earth? : If you see freaky coins with figures of huge, bald heads and bulbous eyes, you will begin to wonder if humans were ever ruled by extra-terrestrials. Another coin depicts a spaceship coming down on dry land.

All of them were found in Egypt. One of them was discovered during a house renovation. Did the aliens once share the Earth with us? That is what Conspiracy website reveals.

One coin has a Latin engraving, “OPPORTUNUS Adest” on one of its faces. It means: “It’s here in due time”. Does this also mean that aliens will come back to our planet someday – if they aren’t here with us now? Perhaps.

Says the website: “A group of people who worked on the renovation of a house in southern Egypt found a number of very rare coins. They are unique in its kind that curiously have no images of a strange human figure. So far no one could explain the origin of these parts.”

In March 2016, ufologists also “discovered” a huge sphinx on Mars. It made them speculate that there once existed a long-lost alien civilisation on the Red Planet.

Experts, however, have not validated that such coins are real. Are they “fake,” then? Just somebody’s joke? The comments are flying thick, with supporters as well as opponents.

One person called it “bogus”, while another one called it “garbage journalism”: “The first one is obviously a “Hobo Nickel” – i.e. a coin that has been modified in modern times by carving – it’s a well-known, goofy form of street art – just google it! These things are bloomin’ everywhere,” he wrote. Source: hngn

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