Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2 Could Let Users Change Default Browser

#Windows10Mobile #Redstone2Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2 Could Let Users Change Default Browser : One of the changes that Redmond is currently playing with is allowing users to change the default browser from Microsoft Edge with a different app, but as it’s the case of everything that’s being tested as part of the Windows Insider program, it remains to be seen if it makes it to the final version or not.

But while replacing the default browser with a different app is clearly a feature that comes in handy, the biggest problem is that users don’t really have too many options in this case.

“Not too many browsers to choose from”

On PCs, replacing the default browser with another program is a thing that many people do, especially because there are plenty of choices here, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera.

And truth be told, statistics are showing that the majority of users actually do replace their default browsers, as Google Chrome is now running on more than 50 percent of desktops across the world.

But going back to phones, options on mobile devices running Windows are quite limited and aside from Opera and a few other less-known apps, there’s not much you’ll find in the Windows Phone Store.

Google has no intention to bring Chrome on Windows phones and the same is the case with Mozilla Firefox as well, even though both already exist on Android and Firefox.

For the moment, Microsoft Edge continues to be the top browser on Windows phones and with Microsoft working hard to improve it, there’s a big chance that it’ll remain this way. So there you go, here’s an option that would normally come in super handy but which you’re very unlikely to use on Windows phones. Source: softpedia

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