Four Reasons Why 2016 MacBook Pro is Better Than HP Envy 13

#MacBookPro #HPEnvy13 – Four Reasons Why 2016 MacBook Pro is Better Than HP Envy 13 : HP Envy 13 is planning to take on MacBook’s features at a much lower price. It seems pretty clear that it wants to get head-to-head with Apple’s flagship as it looks a tad similar to the MacBook Pro.

According to Tech Times, HP’s laptop is currently one of the thinnest the company has ever produced. But specs wise, how will it fare against Apple’s powerful MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro Vs. HP Envy: Performance

Performance wise, the two flagships are almost identical. Just like Apple, HP Envy 13 will feature an Intel Kaby Lake CPU. These processors refine graphics, improves video encoding/decoding engine as well as Speed Shift v2 technology, making the laptop snappier and more responsive.

Both will have an 8GB RAM capacity and a USB-C Port. Users who are keen on editing videos, images or even playing games won’t be having a difficult time with the MacBook Pro 2016 and HP Envy 13.

MacBook Pro Vs. HP Envy: Design

When it comes to design, still, no one beats the all-metal casing of a MacBook Pro. HP may be much thinner than the MacBook with a 12.95mm width but Apple still has the upper hand as it will be sporting a high-resolution 5K display, two times better than HP’s Envy 13.

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