Microsoft Surface Phone release date, specs: To Be The First 64-bit with 4GB RAM ?

#Microsoft #SurfacePhone – Microsoft Surface Phone release date, specs: To Be The First 64-bit with 4GB RAM ? : There are rumors that the Microsoft Surface phone may be unveiled during the event of Microsoft this October. It is also expected that the smartphone will be equipped with a Windows 10 operating system (OS).

The tech company may have released Lumia models before, but the Surface Phone will be distinct from Microsoft’s previous models.

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It was mentioned in reports that the Surface Phone may be revealed this coming Oct. 26, and that Microsoft will unveil the Surface Pro 5 to the public as well. Some people from the tech community are confident that the company will be showing the smartphone during that event even though there were not many details that were released for the device.

Based on reports, there are some advantages in having a Windows mobile that iOS and Android cannot provide. The Windows mobile will have a software called “Continuum” that will prove useful for consumers. Next is that a user will be able to access all the Microsoft Office programs without a sweat.

Lastly, the smartphone will be able to act as a PC as well since it is hybrid. The only downside to this is that most Android apps will not be available in the Windows app store.

As for the design of the device, there are rumors that it will look like a mini version of the Surface tablet and it will be made out of metal that makes it look sleek. The screen of the smartphone may be a 5.5 active matrix light-emitting diode (AMOLED) display with a resolution of 1,440 x 2,560. There are two variants to choose from, which are 64GB and 128GB with a random access memory (RAM) worth 4GB.

There are also speculations that it will be powered by a 64-bit Intel processor. As for the release date, the Surface Phone may come out during 2017.Source: christiandaily

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