Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date: Fans shouldn’t expect to see the next-generation Surface Pro soon?

#SurfacePro5 #SurfaceAIOMicrosoft Surface Pro 5 release date: Fans shouldn’t expect to see the next-generation Surface Pro soon? : A lot of Microsoft fans are now getting pretty eager to hear more details about the Redmond-based tech giant’s latest entry into its Surface line of flagship, particularly the tablet/laptop hybrid, Microsoft Surface pro 5.

Unfortunately, it seems like the wait could take quite a while as recent words on the street have suggested that the expected late 2016 launch date for the gadget may not exactly happen.

According to Tech Radar’s past report, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is likely to get launched in spring of 2017 and will be debuted alongside the tech giant’s second major update to its current operating system Windows 10, dubbed as Redstone 2.

Other enthusiasts, however, are still quite hopeful to see the gadget sometime later this year. Rumor has it that some fans still believe that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 could get its most awaited unveiling at the rumored Microsoft event this Oct. 26.

There might be an event later this month from Microsoft but some speculations think that it may not exactly be for the tablet/laptop hybrid, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Previous reports have predicted that the Redmond-based tech giant will instead launch its Microsoft All-in-One (AIO) PC at the event.

ZDNet reported earlier last month that the Microsoft Surface AIO PC, which is purportedly referred to internally as “Cardinal,” will come in three different options when it comes to its screen size: the 21-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch models.

Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm whether or not these claims are indeed accurate or legitimate. With this in mind, it would be best for fans to keep an open mind for the time being and take the stories with a tiny pinch of salt.

More news about the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 should emerge in the coming weeks if the Oct. 26 event speculation is in fact accurate. Source: mnrdaily

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