New Microsoft Band 3 Leak Reveals Slimmer Design, New Features

#Microsoft #Band3New Microsoft Band 3 Leak Reveals Slimmer Design, New Features : Microsoft has given up on the Band wearable for a reason that’s believed to be related to failed efforts of installing Windows 10 IoT on the device, but leaks that reached the web lately showed that the third generation could have been a really revolutionary product.

For example, a new leak that occurred today indicates that the Microsoft Band was designed to come with several new features, including an EKG sensor that could have helped measure more than just heart rate activity, but also determine stress levels.

As you can see in the photos below coming via WindowsCentral, the Microsoft Band 3 would have boasted features making it one of the most advanced activity trackers on the market, including also swimming support – this, in turn, shows that Microsoft planned to make the device waterproof.

A new swimming tile can be seen in the photos and it’s believed that the device would have offered support for several swimming styles, as well as accurate monitoring using the on-board sensors.

In terms of design, the third generation looked pretty much the same as the current model, but it featured a slimmer design that would have made it a little bit more comfortable to wear all the time.

Given the similarities between the two, the new model was internally referred to as Microsoft Band 2 Beta, but it’s believed that the final name was Microsoft Band 3.

“White Microsoft Band”

The white Microsoft Band that Surface boss Panos Panay was spotted wearing earlier this year was real and it appears that this was the only version that was waterproof and came with swimming support.

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