PlayStation VR Review, Latest News & Update: Best & Could-Be-Better Features List; Games To Try

#PlayStationVR #GamingPlayStation VR Review, Latest News & Update: Best & Could-Be-Better Features List; Games To Try : There may be a lot of virtual realities platforms that are about to come up anytime, but the PlayStation VR has been said as the savior of the platform because of its hyped technology.

The VR platform, however, is not yet in a fully accepted phase but people who are not too price conscious have already picked up some of PlayStation VR’s competitors.

How gaming in VR would really be like when all platforms have ripened in the market can only be known once a mainstream breakthrough occurs. Polygon reports that Sony is determined to iron out that awkward phase for the VR platform its wants a large audience to emerge for the VR.

This looks like a lot of weight since if Sony will indeed be able to attract a large audience and all these will not be pleased with the experience, they might reject the whole platform. It is also noteworthy that PlayStation VR is in an odd position of being the more affordable option for the VR platform but is still an expensive console.

To iron the VR platform to the mainstream market much easier, Sony will be taking with it some of the best software lineups and an array of familiar titles that most gamers will recognize at first glance. “Batman,” “Battlezone,” “Resident Evil 7” and “Thumper” are reported to be some of the many games that Sony will soon introduce to VR.

Ars Technica reports about fourteen games that they have played on the PlayStation VR, and they seem quite pleased with them. It reports that “Headmaster,” a soccer game, is surprisingly entertaining even for non-soccer fans as the VR controls are very simple and accurate.

Another game, “Rez Infinite,” was a star way back in its release in the Dreamcast and now that it is playable on VR. It delivers a brain-hijacking experience that gives a sense of flow through its connection with ethereal playspaces.

Other games that had generally positive reviews were “SuperHyperCube,” “Super Stardust Ultra VR,” “Thumper,” “Batman Arkham VR,” “Battlezone” and “Harmonix Music VR.

” They did not seem too impressed with “Here They Lie,” “RIGS: Mechanized Combat League,” “Tumble VR” and even says that “100ft Robot Golf,” “PlayStation VR Worlds” and “Until Dawn: Rush of Blood” should be totally skipped. Source: Gamenguide

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