VR Comparison: PSVR Vs. HTC Vive Vs. Oculus Rift Vs. Gear VR

#PSVR #GearVR – VR Comparison: PSVR Vs. HTC Vive Vs. Oculus Rift Vs. Gear VR : Right now there are four big branded VR headsets fighting it out for the VR market. There’s the HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and PSVR, with the last on this list debuting yesterday. To help guide you through this minefield, we’re going to conduct a brief VR comparison with the aim of picking an early winner.


It’s been 24 hours since the store doors opened and consumers were able to purchase the PSVR, and while we don’t have any sales figures to share with you, it’s not expected to fly off the shelves anytime soon. Yes, the device does have the potential to reach 40+ million PS4 owners, but at $499 and extras on top, it’s not expected to sell like hotcakes. Well, not yet anyway, but with the release of the PS4 Pro in November, a spike in sales could be on the cards.

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As for setting up the PSVR, it does come with meters/feet/yards of cable, but it is considered to be the easiest cabled VR headset to setup, which is thanks to it using the PS4 as a crutch.

However, there is a downside, and that’s what’s in the box. There’s no PlayStation Camera, which is needed to track the lights on the headset. So if you don’t have one, you’d best get one. Additionally, there’s no controller. Instead, you can use the PS4 Dualshock controller, but it won’t provide a full in-game experience. So there’s even more expense due to the need for Move controllers, which just makes the PSVR feel like a money-hungry beast.

As much room is required when gaming, Sony recommends an area of 9.8 ft. deep by 6.2 ft. wide. Some early reports suggest that a smaller amount of space is possible, but there can be problems with cables. Despite being a connected device, the PSVR, according to early reports, does provide an immersive experience. It may not have the sophistication of the HTC Vive or Occulus Rift, but at $499 plus extras, it’s certainly a lot cheaper.

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