13 Alien-like Skulls unearthed in Mexico

#Alien #Mexico13 Alien-like Skulls unearthed in Mexico : Researchers in Mexico have made a shocking discovery while excavating the ancient burial site of “El Cementerio” located in the vicinity of Onavas.

Experts have unearthed 25 skulls, 13 of which had an Alien-like shape, with features that did not resemble any known species on Earth. The pre-Hispanic cemetery was discovered in the northern Mexican State, and out of the 25 individuals that were excavated, 17 of them were minors without symptoms of disease.

The most mysterious skulls were the Thirteen skulls which were elongate and pointy at the back and the five skulls which had mutilated teeth.

A connection to the mysterious Paracas Skulls? Expert in the subject, Brien Foerster talked about the mysterious Paracas Skulls which allegedly show a species unknown to scientists.  Foerster added that the skulls seem to have a cranial volume much larger than normal skills, in other words, 25% larger than typical skulls of human beings.

It is impossible to increase cranial volume through ‘cranial deformation’. These skulls also weigh 60% more when compared to normal human skulls. Forester doesn’t stop here, as he notices several other differences.

According to Foerster, the skulls also contain two small holes located i the rear of the skull. these holes are perpendicular to the cranial suture located i the parietal plate of the skull.

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