Alien News 2016: Hillary Clinton Believes Planet X ‘Nibiru’ Exists, Wikileaks Confirms

#Alien #Hillary – Alien News 2016: Hillary Clinton Believes Planet X ‘Nibiru’ Exists, Wikileaks Confirms : Recently Wikileaks released an email which originated from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager’s Gmail account which referred to a mythical doom planet Nibiru and the proof that it exists, the latest in alien news.

There have been claims for many years about the existence of a mysterious and huge celestial body called Nibiru and it is believed to be hidden away in our solar system. It is present in such an orbit which passes near to earth in every thousand years.

The size of this planet and the gravitational pull is so huge that it can cause havoc on our Earth when it passes according to claims. It can trigger volcano eruptions and can cause earthquakes as it passes. According to Express, this theory came on limelight in January when NASA announced the discovery of a new Planet Nine in our solar system which is nearly ten times bigger than our Earth.

The conspiracy theory says that the threat of Nibiru is known by all the major leaders of the world but they are not revealing this secret since they fear the loss of control over the populations if they come to know about this danger.

The speculation about Nibiru being real has gone strong among the conspiracy theorists due this email to Hillary Clinton. Scott C Waring, the chief editor at UFO Sightings Daily  has posted his views about the email sent to Clinton from Podesta. He has confirmed that there is a lot of sense in this information because why would a nonsense information be forwarded to Clinton’s email.

He added, “Only a few months ago NASA has admitted the possibility of a mysterious ninth planet in the orbit and according to NASA’s charts there is an evidence of the existence of Planet X and it is just a matter of time before they find it.” Source: Morningnewsusa

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