Batman Arkham Is PSVR’s Best Game in 2016; Here’s Why

#PSVR #BatmanArkhamBatman Arkham Is PSVR’s Best Game in 2016; Here’s Why : PlayStation VR has recently launched. Hats off to Sony for doing a nice job keeping its games on point. Fans all over the world are currently addicted, if not engrossed to the immersive gaming experience it offers.

However, the extensive list of games PSVR has can be quite overwhelming if you try playing it one by one. Of all the VR games I came across last week, Batman Arkham probably flies out. Being the Batman is no easy job, but it can be fun and compelling.

Developed by Rocksteady, Batman Arkham VR lets you play a first-person experience that provides a great level of superhero immersion, which can’t simply be found anywhere.

Batman: Arkham VR, Dons A Realistic And Compelling Sequel

The game opens in a dark alley where the young Bruce Wayne witnesses the killing of his parents’ right before his – or your eyes. Soon after they are gunned down, the assailant focuses and slowly walks towards you until you stand an inch from him.

You might want to kill him for what he has done, but since it’s just a game, you can’t. The introduction is staged extremely well for a VR experience. Taking place in the Wayne Manor, Batman Arkham VR then shifts forward to the moment he is tasked to save the day.

Alfred, your trusty old butler, alerts you to a situation about your protégés – Robin and Nightwing. A short scene plays and Batman is slowly lowered into the Batcave through what seems to be a hidden elevator. The actual feeling of being lowered is quite realistic.

What’s more is that when you don the iconic batsuit, for a moment, you literally feel like you are the batman and its pretty cool. Gameplay wise, the Arkham VR may be slightly limited but its characters and settings are well designed to hook you in for a longer period.

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