#EndOfTheWorld #NASA – End Of The World? Experts Warned Asteroids Are Coming And NASA Cannot Do Anything! : There has been a speculation since long that the Earth is going to an end soon. But the dates are changing continuously. But recently, a shocking revelation was made at a Press Conference in Paris in Ritz Hotel.

In the Press Conference, a shocking news about the space nation Asgardia was disclosed. Also, the new asteroid defense system for protecting the Earth also revealed.

According to Daily Star Online, Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, the founding Father of Asgardia and a Scientist- Businessman announced a worrying news – NASA cannot protect people if asteroids hit, and they will!

Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli stated that Chelyabinsk Meteor, which is an asteroid of 20 meter, crashed on Earth in 2013. The impact of it was more than a nuclear bomb and result of it was an injury of approx. 1500 people around 6 cities. Thanks to the Almighty, that the meteor did not break in any populated city. It was just like a wake-up call for the humankind.

However, it can happen again.
Speaking in the Paris Conference in Ritz Hotel, Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli said, “The fact is, there is no protection. Protection is none existent and is only at a theoretical level.”