Microsoft Launches Another iPhone-Exclusive App

#Microsoft #iPhone – Microsoft Launches Another iPhone-Exclusive App : If you’re one of the many Microsoft watchers out there, you probably know that Redmond has made it a priority to bring apps on Android and iOS, even though in some cases, these apps do not even exist on its very own Windows phone platform.

This is the case of the latest addition called Microsoft Bookings, an app developed to provide access to the Office 365 service bearing the same name.

Microsoft Bookings was launched with much fanfare earlier this year as a platform that makes it possible for companies to manage appointments, offering new tools to staff and customers in order to manage calendars more effectively. Specifically, Microsoft Bookings allows customers to create and edit bookings in a calendar, respond to customers directly, and see real-time availability of staff members.

And this is what the iPhone application does too, as Microsoft worked to bring all the functionality of the web-based service on mobile devices too.

Likely coming to Android too

Currently, only iPhone users in the United States can give it a try. An Office 365 Business Premium subscription with access to Microsoft Bookings is obviously needed in order to be able to use this mobile app.

Microsoft hasn’t said a thing about its plans for the mobile version of the Bookings service, but the chances are that the iPhone app would be released globally in the coming weeks or months.

Furthermore, expect an Android version to be released as well, but not the same thing can be said about Windows phones, even though it makes sense for Microsoft to release such a version.

Windows phone have been more or less left behind lately, even by Microsoft itself, despite the fact that Redmond should be the first company supporting it and releasing apps for this operating system. Microsoft, however, has kind of stepped away from its mobile vision lately, with the company now expected to discontinue the Lumia brand as soon as this December. source:softpedia

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