Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Specs, Features And A Calculated 2017 Release Date

#SurfacePro5 #Microsoft – Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Specs, Features And A Calculated 2017 Release Date : Microsoft’s event on October 26 in New York will undoubtedly focus on Windows 10 and the different hardware devices that best exemplify the number of features that come with the updated operating system. While many agree that this includes the speculated Microsoft All-In-One Desktop, these same outlets are saying that the much awaited Surface Pro 5 will not make an appearance.

As confirmed by Tech Times, the Microsoft event will definitely focus more on the developments made to the Xbox and Windows 10. More specifically, the Redmond-based company will shed light on the cloud-based solutions that the new OS offers. Among other things, this will allow users to access their Microsoft account on desktops, smartphones and notebooks, as long as it runs on Windows 10.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is expected to showcase just what Windows 10 can do on a Surface All-In-One Desktop, as opposed to an all-new Surface Pro device. And while this is a bit of letdown, the is plenty of reason why the company may have opted to do this. Furthermore, this does not mean that the Surface Pro 5 will not hit the markets soon.

The Surface Pro line is no stranger to the tech industry – in fact, it is one of the most highly-regarded and popular devices currently available. On the other hand, the Surface Desktop is going to be new to the market and will therefore, need as much press surrounding it as possible. By removing the upgrade from its October lineup, Microsoft is forcing consumers to consider the AIO desktop without being overshadowed by the Surface Pro 5.

In addition, the demand for turnover in the two-in-one market is definitely not as demanding as that in the smartphone market. Theoretically, users are satisfied to use the same device for at least 12 months. As such, it would be logical for Microsoft to wait a few more months in order to get the most air time for the reigning Surface Pro 4.

What is more, is that the Surface Pro 4 is definitely not lagging in terms of technological power and features. Instead, it is still considered as a leader in its field. Once again, Microsoft is only trying to obtain as much as it can from its current product before releasing the all-new Surface Pro 5.

As such, the Surface Pro 5 is not expected to be unveiled until sometime in 2017. However, prices for the Surface Pro 4 have already started to diminish. This can only be taken to mean that its successor will be in the market soon.

Nevertheless, the Surface Pro 5 is going to be a spectacular piece of machinery, if the rumors prove to be true. As PC Advisor notes, the device is expected to arrive with an improved Surface Pen. The new Surface Pen, which arrives with all Surface devices, will apparently have a new rechargeable battery that wirelessly charges when attached to the tablet.

The device is also expected to arrive powered with Intel’s Kaby Lake processor. It will also come in two options, depending on the preference of the user: a 2K screen or a 4K screen. The Surface Pro 5 is expected to arrive with 16GB of RAM and a USB Type-C port. source:itechpost

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