PlayStation 5 Release Date Rumors and Specs: A Disc-Less Console Designed For VR

#PlayStation5 #Console – PlayStation 5 Release Date Rumors and Specs: A Disc-Less Console Designed For VR : While Sony is gearing up to release the PS4 Pro and PSVR this holiday season, some gamers are looking forward for the development of PS5.

As expected, Sony’s next-generation gaming console would be faster and better, but there are rumors that it would come with innovative changes. Now, here’s the latest update about Sony PS5 release date and rumors on the web.

There’s no doubt that the PlayStation 4 gaming console is a huge success for Sony, and fans have been wondering about the possibility of a PlayStation 5.

The PS4 was only released three years ago. To keep up with the gaming trends, Sony previously announced the Pro and Slim models of the console. However, these models still carry the PS4 brand.

Gaming experts believe these two new models would extend the lifespan of the PS4 brand for up to three more years. If that’s the case, we might hear the announcement of PS5 on 2019 or 2020.

For the features of PS4’s successor, several tech websites claim the PS5 will not have a disc drive. This rumor makes sense given that PlayStation Now and video streaming are now slowly becoming the norm in gaming consoles.

Furthermore, the PS5 would be a slimmer hardware because it does not have a disc drive. The size of the game would not be a problem also, thanks to Cloud gaming (also known as gaming on demand).

With gaming on demand, players would also have plenty of titles to choose from. Plus, they can get it instantly without going to a retail store.

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