Possible Crashed Alien Craft In Australia

#Alien #Australia – Possible Crashed Alien Craft In Australia : The Australian UFO Research Network Hotline received a phone call from AUFORN investigator Kay McCullock at 6.30am, after she had just recieved a phone call from her mother in Manly West Qld at 6.00am. Kay’s mother told her a mysterious object had landed in a dam in Guyra.

I then got another call at 7.00am from our Northern Suburbs Brisbane investigator Martin Studer, he told me to turn on the TV and watch Channel 7 the ‘Today Show News’. He said, “They’re going to show a news report and some footage regarding an object that crashed into a dam called Gara”. Knowing Martin was a local to the area, I asked him if he knew anyone he could contact.

Martin being a keen AUFORN investigator started to contact some of his old friends to see if he could find out more. As it was so early in the morning I thought, now who should I call…”yes” the, RAAF base at Amberley Ipswich.  Report of telephone conversation dated: 9th December, Time approx: 8.34am
I spoke to office staff at Amberley RAAF and they told me they had heard it wasn’t a meteorite, that it was an object of some kind. It was funny they were having a laugh with me saying maybe it was a space ship, ha! I was told that people have been sent to measure radiation.

I was aksed to hold the line and they would transfer me to someone who could help me with my enquiry. I got transfered to the, RAAF base at William Town NSW.  Report of telephone conversation dated: 9th December 99, Time approx: 8.47am.

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