Sony Playstation 2016: PS Vita, PS3 Games To Go Mobile Before Year Ends To Achieve Pokemon GO Success?

#PSVita #PS3Sony Playstation 2016: PS Vita, PS3 Games To Go Mobile Before Year Ends To Achieve Pokemon GO Success? : Sony is reported to unveil five mobile games in 2018. Likely prompted by the “Pokemon Go” success, the popular PS3 and PS Vita games would now go mobile, focusing mainly on Asian markets. The Japanese company plans to revive its old games first before proceeding to new IPs.

Sony Mobile Games

The ForwardWorks division of Sony will handle the mobile game development as confirmed by the company early this year. However, no additional details were provided since then. According to reports, Sony has taken some interest in mobile gaming before; although it appears that the company is likely ready now for some innovative steps.

Moreover, Sony is also rumored to bring games that are not available on current-gen consoles, which means the classic games from PS3 and PS Vita may also be confirmed as the company’s first mobile games. The confirmation is believed to happen by the end of 2016. There are also speculations that the 2016 Sony PlayStation Experience event may be the platform to make the major announcement.

Sony Mobile Games Release

Sony has not given any word yet about the upcoming five games in 2018. But since the company has expressed interest in developing mobile games, rumors claim that this would likely happen soon. Although Sony has reportedly made efforts to get into mobile gaming before, the company did not continue its plan, which is now expected to happen sometime in March.

Playstation VR Review

Meanwhile, Sony is reportedly making a huge profit on PlayStation VR, as revealed by the company chairman Shawn Layden. Although Layden did not give further comments, the revelation seems to replicate the statement of Adam Boyes, a former PlayStation developer relations executive.

Sony PS VR was released on Oct. 14 for a price ranging from $400 to $500 bundled with a PS4 camera, including some accessories. The company is expected to sell about 1.6 million units worldwide before the year ends. Watch video about Sony Is Now Making Mobile Games! Source: itechpost

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