How To Take Screenshots In WatchOS 3 On The Apple Watch

#AppleWatch #WatchOS3How To Take Screenshots In WatchOS 3 On The Apple Watch : Unlike with older versions of watchOS, the screenshot feature is disabled by default in watchOS 3. This is because the screenshot shortcut interferes with the functionality used by the built-in workout app. In fact, they both use the same gesture to work, which includes pressing the digital crown and side button.

watchOS 3 and screenshots

Capturing a screenshot with an Apple Watch running watchOS 3 means the same as it would on any other device. You want to capture a static image of what is on the screen. And before the latest version of watchOS, it used to be easy to do. But for reasons I’ve already explained, it’s now become a little more involved.

However, the above may not be the only reason Apple disabled it by default on watchOS 3, as users once reported that they would take screenshots by mistake. So maybe that alone was good enough reason for its relegation to the optional.
How to take screenshots

Next I am going to share with you how to get your screenshots back. Once you have them enabled, you will be able to press the digital crown and side button again and snap away to your heart’s content.

Here we go:

  1. To start, you need to launch the Watch App on your iPhone.
  2. In My Watch, find the corresponding tab in the bottom right and select it. Next, scroll up and select General.
  3. Once you are in the general settings, look for enable screenshots and move the toggle until it turns green.
  4. Now to take a screenshot in watchOS 3, press and hold the side button of the watch.
  5. While pressing the above-mentioned button, quickly press the the digital crown and release it.

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