Watch a Supermoon and a Hunter’s Moon Coincide on Sunday Night

#Supermoon #EarthWatch a Supermoon and a Hunter’s Moon Coincide on Sunday Night : Nothing inspires Halloween spirit quite like the sight of a radiant moon in the evening sky, and on the night of October 16, the universe has deemed fit to serve up an especially brilliant show.

Not only will the Moon be full on Sunday evening, it will also reach perigee, or its tightest approach to Earth, at 7:36 PM Eastern time. At this point, our satellite will be about 30,000 miles nearer to our planet than at its farthest point (called an apogee).

These orbital close passes are called “supermoons,” because they make our satellite appear as much as 30 percent brighter than normal full moons and 14 percent larger over the horizon.

As if this wasn’t already enough of an excuse to indulge in some appropriately autumnal Moon-watching, Sunday’s supermoon coincides with yet another special lunar event called the Hunter’s Moon.

This name derives from a Native American tradition of naming each lunar cycle in relation to its seasonal significance. The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the fall equinox, for instance, while the Hunter’s Moon is the full moon that follows the Harvest Moon.

Its name derives from the short span of time between sunset and moonrise in October’s skies, which is said to have conveniently extended the amount of time that hunters were able to pursue their prey by moonlight.

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