Weird Commerce: MUFON, Investigating UFOs Since 1969

#UFO #MUFONWeird Commerce: MUFON, Investigating UFOs Since 1969 : Ever seen a UFO? Could it have really been a bird, plane or you-know-who? That’s where 47-year-old non-profit MUFON comes in to debunk or detail what you saw.

“Sometimes, people say they saw a UFO, and immediately, people think they said, ‘I saw a flying saucer,’” said Rodger Roeser, spokesperson for MUFON, which literally investigates unidentified flying objects. “I mean this in the truest sense of the word or phrase.”

Founded in 1969 on the eve of the historic moon landing, MUFON – Mutual UFO Network – is the world’s largest organization that provides scientific research and investigation into the UFO phenomenon.

Based in Southern California, the 501(c)(3) is now 4,000 members strong across the globe, with a board of directors and an executive director. The life blood may indeed be the researchers, field investigators and volunteers, which keep the organization off the ground.

“They are a scientific research organization,” said Roeser. “It’s not like it’s a bunch of crackpots living in their basement. It’s honest-to-God scientific research.”

And all that research is funded via digital payments, to which Roeser said: “Technologically, MUFON has a lot going on, just to make the organization run through those online programs and payments.”

There’s a CRM system for memberships, which start at $179, with opportunities to pay to learn and become a field investigator through additional classes, as well as UFO-related merchandise and the opportunity for people to underwrite a certain research project or area.

“Probably the most interesting is the underwriting opportunities, where you can go online and search which research they’re working on – such as UFOs in the ocean,” said Roeser. “You can designate dollar amounts to specific projects or areas.”

So, how do those dollars prove their worth? Let’s say you see an unidentified flying object – something suspect, something mundane – but you’re just not sure. Submit a picture or a video, or really any information that you have.

“MUFON researches it. They investigate claims, which, as you can imagine, there are hundreds of claims daily that come in,” said Roeser. “The organization takes a look at the ones that may be interesting, may be worth looking into. And debunk the vast majority of them. Obviously.”

Some sightings – Roeser quickly added – are indeed found to be genuine UFOs. But that’s meant in the true sense of the word: unidentified flying objects, meaning they simply just don’t know what that thing you saw was. But, it could be something unexplainable.

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