Windows 10 – Microsoft quietly added a brilliant new feature for your laptop

#Windows10 #microsoft – Windows 10 – Microsoft quietly added a brilliant new feature for your laptop : Microsoft has included a new feature in the latest beta for Windows 10. The latest version of the Windows operating system adds the ability to customise gestures on the trackpad. Windows 10 already used touchpad gestures to great effect.

For example, a quick three-finger swipe down on the trackpad will reveal the desktop hidden behind the cluster of windows. Swipe-up again with three digits to bring back the windows. By default, a three-finger tap will summon Cortana, although this can be changed to view notifications in Settings.

Trackpad gestures have had an overhaul in the new beta build of Windows 10 (Microsoft)

With the latest beta build of Windows 10, Microsoft has added even more customisation options for the gestures. Three and four finger swipes on the touchpad can now be used for either the multitasking view, revealing the desktop, or toggling between apps – an alternative to the old faithful Alt+Tab.

Within the Advanced Gestures Configuration page, there is the option to use gestures to jump to the next or previous song in a playlist, creating or deleting virtual desktops, and snapping a window to the edge of the screen.

The new Advanced Gestures Configuration page brings a swathe of options (MICROSOFT)

These can already be achieved with keyboard shortcuts, but is undoubtedly more convenient from the trackpad on your laptop, or hybrid device. The news comes as Microsoft reportedly scheduled the release date for its next blockbuster update for Windows 10 – codenamed RedStone 2 inside the company – to March 2017.

References to “Windows 10 Version 1703” were unearthed in the code shipped with Microsoft’s latest operating system. The jumbled number is believed to refer to the year and month of release.

Microsoft has previously used the same naming convention for its Anniversary Update (codenamed 1607) released in July, and a November update last year (codenamed 1511).

The US technology firm is expected to confirm the worldwide release date for the next-generation operating system at its hardware announcement later this month. Microsoft has previously revealed plans to introduce a blue-light reduction feature to help reduce strain on your eyes and improve sleep.

The technology company is also working on a number of improvements to talkative voice assistant Cortana. According to The Verge, Microsoft is also planning a “HomeHub” app for Windows 10 that will be used to manage smart and home automation devices. However it is not known whether the feature will be up-and-running ready for the March update. Source: express

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