Xbox One news: Seven Backwards Compatibility titles, Games with Gold October 2016 update

#XboxOne #Gaming – Xbox One news: Seven Backwards Compatibility titles, Games with Gold October 2016 update : The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility games list has been expanded further this week, with a total of seven titles added so far. Tuesday and Thursday have become the traditional days in which Xbox’s Larry Hryb announces new Backwards Compatible games being released.

And this week has proved no different, October 11 saw the confirmation that Jurassic Park: The Game, Battlestations: Midway, Dragon’s Lair & Tour de France 2011 are now all available to try out alongside other Xbox One games.

This has been expanded upon further by Microsoft, with Silent Hill: Downpour, Eat Lead & Puzzle Quest now added to the list as well. If you own any of these games digitally, they should pop up in your Games App library. For those who bought physical copies, the old Xbox 360 discs can be popped into your console and downloaded.

Jurassic Park The Game has around 2,000 votes for its inclusion in the program, Battlestations: Midway has under that, while Dragon’s Lair has 1,000 and Tour De France 2011 doesn’t seem to have any.

The latest batch, however, are little more popular with fans. Silent Hill: Downpour has over 6,000 votes, while Puzzle Quest has close to 2,000 and Eat Lead with less than 500. Xbox chief Phil Spencer was recently asked what the next big Xbox One Backwards Compatibility maybe and if there was a chance it could be Black Ops 2.

Black Ops 2 was mistakenly listed as part of the program for a short time in a Deals with Gold list, this has been explained as an error but has no less peaked fans interest once again. “I like the progress on BC,” Spencer replied. “We’d like to have all and work on 3P [third-party] games is always a partnership with publisher.”

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