iOS 10.0.3 vs. iOS 10.0.2: What Are The New Features?

#iOS10.0.3 #iOS 10.0.2 – iOS 10.0.3 vs. iOS 10.0.2: What Are The New Features? : If you own an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, the latest version of Apple’s firmware, iOS 10.0.3, is available for download. Here’s everything you need to know everything about it, including details on what bugs Apple has ironed out.

iOS 10.0.3 bug and security fixes

iOS 10 is an operating system which Apple is extremely proud of and wants to update regularly. Designed to be the next evolution for the iPhone and iPad, it comes with a raft of new features, many of which were developed to take advantage of the new hardware incorporated into Apple’s latest devices.

This latest version, iOS 10.0.3, follows rapidly in the wake of 10.0.2 and is available while iOS 10.1 is in beta. This goes to show just how serious Apple is about fixing security problems and bugs much faster than before.

What do you get with the update?

There have been many reports of cellular connectivity problems with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, with the carrier most affected being Verizon and the Apple discussion boards being full of users complaining about LTE issues. Early attempts at fixing the problem included turning off voice over LTE. However, this was not a long-term solution that Apple could tolerate.

So the primary goal of iOS 10.0.3 is to fix the cellular connectivity issue that is affecting only the new iPhones, something which many Apple fans have been horrified by and have publicly lambasted both Apple and Verizon for in public forums.

iOS 10.0.3 was created only to fix this one problem, and there doesn’t seem to be much else in the way of bug fixes.

Enhanced user experience

On further investigation of the firmware, there’s nothing to say other than there are no visible outward changes, meaning that Apple has gone down the route of a bug fix only, with some minor improvements to user experience.

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