Microsoft Warns: iOS Is No Longer Secure Than Android

#Microsoft #iOSMicrosoft Warns: iOS Is No Longer Secure Than Android : It is a general idea that the iOS is the most secure operating systems which, in turn, Android has some levels of security. But, after all, they can all be wrong and iOS can be as or more insecure than Android.

It was Brad Anderson, the vice president of Microsoft’s mobility, who came to alert everyone about this new reality. Anderson presented this idea based on recent cases of security breaches that affected iOS.

Specifically, he took as an example of the recent malware problem Pegasus, which was discovered by security firm Lookout. Second was discovered, this is the most persistent and sophisticated malware that exists for iOS, all should upgrade to the latest version of its operating system.

The information that Brad Anderson shared in an article published in a Microsoft blog, shows that this recent case shows that, iOS turns out to be equally or more vulnerable than Android and that everyone should focus on security issues.

Brad Anderson reinforces that mobile devices are constantly under attack, regardless of the platform used or applications that are used. Here is what he stated:-

“Over the last two years, I’ve had senior executives tell me countless times that they have unwavering implicit trust in the iOS platform. In these discussions it’s been pretty common to hear a comment like, “I don’t trust Android because it is like the wild, wild west – but I have tremendous trust in iOS because it is a controlled and procured ecosystem.” I’m not attempting to throw stones at Android or iOS – but there is a dilemma with this perspective.

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