Surface Phone rumors: Device sure to be unveiled on the 26th, to come with Continuum

#SurfacePhone #WindowsPhone – Surface Phone rumors: Device sure to be unveiled on the 26th, to come with Continuum : Although there is still no official word from Microsoft yet on the existence of the Surface Phone, rumors claiming that the company will soon release the strongly rumored and anticipated device are becoming more persistent.

Apart from being rumored to be unveiled this coming Oct. 26, it is also said that the upcoming mobile device from Microsoft will feature Continuum. According to reports, Microsoft has already sent out invites for its upcoming Oct. 26 event where it is expected to cast the spotlight on the update on its Windows 10.

Nonetheless, the event is also expected to reveal the company’s other upcoming Surface products, including the rumored all-in-one PC and the Surface Phone. While Microsoft has neither denied nor confirmed the existence of the Surface Phone, it is alleged that the device is just waiting to be unveiled.

However, apart from the rumors of a possible release later this month, there are also various rumors and speculations on what the device may boast of. The latest in the rumor mill is that the Surface Phone will come with a Continuum feature, which will enable any Windows phone to connect to function like a PC and a projector.

Any Windows phone owner can use the Continuum to convert his mobile device into a big-screen projector by simply using a dock or adapter to connect the mobile device to a TV or other big-screen monitors.

With this feature, one can easily share the contents of his phone to others without passing the device from one person to another, such as pictures, stored movies, and even office documents can be projected to a bigger screen.

While the Continuum, without question, will give the Surface Phone an upper hand in the mobile phone market, unfortunately, nothing is certain at this point in time and can only be confirmed when the device is finally unveiled on Oct. 26, just like what the rumors claim. Source: ecumenicalnews

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