Top 10 Secrets NASA about UFOs and aliens

#UFO #NASATop 10 Secrets NASA about UFOs and aliens : In May of 2016, researchers at NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (NEO) found a near-Earth asteroid. Asteroid 2016 HO3 has a predicted size of 120 feet and smaller than 300 feet. Allegedly, the object poses no threat to planet Earth.

The agency leaves their story at that however, alien hunters have another theory. According to them, this asteroid is an artificial UFO heading towards Earth with a destructive purpose. When this “asteroid” will collide with Earth is uncertain but some think it could happen in our lifetime. Meanwhile, the powers that be couldn’t care less.


On the eve of July 4th, 2016, some strange footage was captured in the sky above Malden, MA. A group of teens caught what appears to be alien communication on film. The high-quality video clearly shows English letters being spelled out much to the amazement of onlookers.

The lack of any craft in the sky, however, has garnered the attention of UFO hunters. This feat is far more advanced for any “normal” plane to accomplish and with NASA silent on the matter, alien hunter’s suspect a conspiracy is upon us. Either that or this is genius marketing by the latest Independence Day sequel.


A Canadian woman named Lisa claims she is an alien hybrid. UFO researchers state that Lisa has a striking resemblance to that of a human-hybrid. Hybrids are often seen as the children of abductees who have  been in contact with aliens.

As always, NASA denies any and all reports of abduction, suggesting a dishonest report. Lisa states that her odd birth in 1974 describes her half-alien tendencies. Additionally, Lisa shows signs of telepathic communication and advanced intuition.

Since then, others have come out supporting similar symptoms. As one can expect, some question Lisa’s mental health but she continues to baffle the minds of UFO skeptics with her odd behavior.


In 2010, Garry McKnnon accomplished the biggest military hack of all time. His efforts hoped to end secrecy in regards to UFO information. The hack uncovered a great deal of information but one particular finding stands out. Rumors exist in regards to the name of two ships in the transfer logs-the USSS LeMay and USSS Hillenkoettter.

Usually, Navy ships have “SS” but these examples show a third. Alien researchers believe the third “s” stands for “space”. As in United States Space Ship. Of course, NASA has not replied in regards to this claim nor has the US military. That being said, this UFO evidence becomes one of the most substantial examples of a coverup.

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