[VIDEO] UFO sightings: Mysterious object flies out of angry Colima volcano, will it erupt again?

#UFO #Mexico – [VIDEO] UFO sightings: Mysterious object flies out of angry Colima volcano, will it erupt again? : A huge volcano might explode again, even as a weird object was shot flying out of its sides.

Was that oblong-shaped object a huge UFO emerging from the side, or the back of the Colima Volcano, Mexico? It flew up at about a 45-degree angle even as the volcano exploded.

The episode was filmed by Streetcap1.

Referring to the clip, Scott C Waring, editor of website ufosightingsdaily wrote: “He caught a UFO leaving the side of the mountain during a volcano eruption.”

This is probably the third time that a weird flying object seems to have launched from the mouth of the volcano’s crater. It was last January that a UFO was shot taking off from the volcano, even as the mountain spilled ash.

Scott C. Waring said: “It’s thought that several ancient volcanos in Mexico hide underground bases for alien and the exits are in the mouth.”

He felt that it really caused the volcano to spill over. “The UFO is long, and cigar-shaped much like many of the past UFOs seen around Mexican volcanoes on live cams. The UFO could not leave from the mouth since there was an eruption, so they took a side path. But when the volcano is active like today, all ships exit the sides of the volcano.”

By witnessing the latest eruption, truth seekers fear that more volcanic activity might take place soon.

UFO seekers are convinced that the Aliens have their bases in volcanoes, which are chosen because humans are not likely to visit them much.

As expected, there are a number of critics of the theory. After all, how can aliens live inside a scorching hot volcano? It does not make sense.

Moreover, even if there is volcanic activity, a lot of debris and lava is pushed out at varying speeds and angles. It is tougher to spot and differentiate objects on the live camera footage at night. Birds that fly around the volcano can look blurred and dim too. So are the flying objects really UFOs, or … source:hngn

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