Xbox Play Anywhere Lets You Bring Your Saves, Achievements, and Game Add-Ons With You

#XboxPlayAnywhere #XboxOneXbox Play Anywhere Lets You Bring Your Saves, Achievements, and Game Add-Ons With You : Xbox players will be happy to find out that they will soon be able to bring their saves, game add-ons, and achievements anywhere they go with the new Xbox feature called Play Anywhere.

Microsoft has announced their Play Anywhere program during the 2016 E3 conference which took place earlier this year. The program allows players to buy an Xbox Play Anywhere digital game which can run on both Xbox One and Microsoft 10 PC without paying any additional cost.

Still, at the beginning phase of the program, Microsoft has been testing their Play Anywhere program with Forza 3 and Gears of War 4 as their flagship games. With these big titles already using the system, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer is very positive and looking forward to more popular game titles using the Play Anywhere system.

He disclosed that a lot of small and indie game publishers have already signed up for the program and he thinks that larger companies are just waiting for the right time to join the system because they want to see first how it will turn out. He added that most of the doubts probably comes from the fear that they are giving away two games for the price of one.

“Really what you’re doing is you’re just allowing the customer you already have to play your game more often. In today’s world, engagement on games is more engagement on games, and is almost always a good thing, given multiplayer and the business models around those games,” he reasoned out to address the issue and to drive his point home.

Aside from the benefits mentioned earlier, one big advantage, perhaps, of Play Anywhere is that it only lets players pay a one-time payment to play their favorite games in both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Source: itechpost

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