Finally Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved?

#BermudaTriangle #Mystery – Finally Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved? : There has been a re-emergence of a strange theory suggesting the presence of a huge crystal pyramid below the Bermuda Triangle. As per the conspiracy theorists, this crystal pyramid is the cause of the disappearance of several ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle area.

According to Daily Mail, the reports circulating in the year 2012 suggested that Dr. Meyer Verlag, a scientist, found the existence of a crystal pyramid in Bermuda Triangle area which was three times equal to the size of the great Pyramid of Giza.

According to Before It’s News, Dr Verlag believes that a number of secrets and more information can be revealed if further investigation into the pyramid’s centre is done and the mysteries of disappearances in Bermuda Triangle can be solved. As the reports claimed, Dr Verlag presented her findings related to this theory at a press conference held in Bahamas where the exact coordinates of the pyramid was revealed by her.

Despite the number of claims, there has been no proof for the existence the pyramid and still no records for the coordinates she claimed have been found. According to a report from International Business Times, a hoax buster site points out that there is no evidence related to the discovery of any crystal pyramids at the centre of Bermuda Triangle.

Various theories to the missing of 8,127 people in Bermuda triangle had come in the recent past including the recent theory of formation of giant craters in the Barents Sea due to natural gas explosion.

Snopes, another hoax-busting website has pointed out that the rumors related to the existence of pyramids in the Bermuda triangle area date back to 1960s which is provided by a video report on the Bimini Wall, an underwater rock formation in Bahamas near the North Bimini Island.

But it is also added that the photographic equipment of a certain Dr Ray Brown was destroyed by a storm which made impossible for him to make this claim. Source: morningnewsusa

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