#Alien #Antarctica – Navy Engineer: I Saw Ancient ruins, Aliens, and top-secret bases in antarctica! : Why did the Nazis launch an expensive expedition to the South Pole in 1938? The mysteries surrounding the Antarctic are many, answers are few.

But theories abound which connect Operations Paperclip and High-Jump, to secret hidden facilities and ancient technologies, human experimentation and discovered hidden entrances.

While the mainstream news recently reported on further explorations in the Antarctica which they claim “holds the key” to mankind’s future”, what they do not do is connect the many dots which blur the lines between conspiracy and reality.

On January 2nd, 2015 the editor of website earthfiles.com received a very unexpected letter from an alleged retired U.S. Navy Petty Officer First Class Flight Engineer.

He claims that a collaboration between humans and aliens exist, and that the Antarctica is a major research ground for these incredible collaborations.Source: mysteriousearth

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