Opinion: Google’s Pixel Phones are Still Just Nexus Devices

#GooglePixel #NexusOpinion: Google’s Pixel Phones are Still Just Nexus Devices : If 2016 is going to be known for two big things in the Android world, it’ll be the Galaxy Note 7 disaster and the launch of the Google Pixel. The former is no doubt to dominate news cycles for weeks, perhaps months to come, due to the scale of Samsung’s mobile operation and their reputation, but the latter is still incredibly important.

The Pixel line of smartphones is important not so much because of what they are right now, but because of what they will be in the future. It’s not everyday that a firm known for software and servcies decides to take matters into their own hands.

When Microsoft did it with the Surface line of tablets to make Windows the touch-friendly OS it is today, it shook up the PC world and it’s only the past year or so we’ve seen its effect.

With the Nexus line of devices, Google set an example to partners such as LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony, but with the Pixel line of devices, they’re not just setting an example, they’re creating the gold standard. Or are they?

Rumors are often brushed away as nothing new, and nothing helpful, but they can tell us a lot about what’s over the horizon. In the case of the Nexus – now the Pixel brand – a good rumor can prepare us for what’s to come, and this year was no different.

We first started to hear about the Pixel and Pixel XL as a new pair of Nexus devices made by HTC. The Pixel Launcher was even seen as the “Nexus Launcher” before the idea of a Pixel phone became the frontrunner, which makes us wonder whether or not the Pixel devices are really the second coming of stock Android that Google would want us to believe.

Are these devices that Google have designed from the ground up as they told us on stage during their October 4th event? Or are they just Nexus devices without an HTC logo on the back of them?

Our initial impressions of the Pixel and Pixel XL have been positive and now that we have one in-house our review is not too far behind, but we wan’t to take our time, naturally. There are a number of things that Google have gotten right with the Pixel, but there are also a number of things that have people scratching their heads.

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