Surface Pro 5 VS iPad Pro 2 Release, Rumors and Specs: Which Is Better?

#SurfacePro5 #iPadPro2Surface Pro 5 VS iPad Pro 2 Release, Rumors and Specs: Which Is Better? : Apple and Microsoft are set for an all out competition in the hybrid tablet-cum-laptop convertible market. Microsoft initially released their Surface Pro 4 to compete directly with Apple’s iPad Pro tablet.

However, Apple certainly looked way ahead despite Microsoft’s powerful platform. Microsoft is planning to push the competition further to slaughter Apple’s iPad Pro line. Speculations are now high that the company’s next in line high end tablet line – the Surface Pro 5, is expected to be released this month.

Apple is meanwhile planning to counter that with an equally powerful iPad Pro 2 in 2016 itself to give Microsoft their worst nightmare. Of course, right now the specifications and features of both devices remain unclear.

However, rumors as usual have given us what to expect from the tech giants. The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 vs iPad Pro 2016 competition seems to be heating up as the Holiday 2016 arrives. Let’s explore both devices in terms of their rumored specifications and possible new features.

Processor & Performance

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 seemingly have a major processor upgrade threatening even the Mac line. Instead of the sixth-generation Sky Lake processors, the Surface Pro 5 is said to come equipped with a new and far powerful Intel Kaby Lake processors.

Its base RAM size is expected to come in 8GB size compared to 4GB of the previous Surface tablets. Rumors also expect a high end version featuring 16GB RAM and an AMD/Nvidia GPU for high end graphics and gaming.

Apple is also planning a powerful device. The all new A10x processor will power the iPad Pro 2016, making the device 80 percent faster than the PC. However, its RAM will probably stay at the same 4GB, but still, Apple with its all-around hardware-software vertical integration will have a competitive device.

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