Microsoft Corporation’s Windows Phone Failure is a Blessing in Disguise

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#WindowsMobile #SmartphoneMicrosoft Corporation’s Windows Phone Failure is a Blessing in Disguise : Microsoft Corporation can hardly be considered a big player in the smartphone game with only 1% of global market share. This week, Terry Myerson – Windows boss – in an interview with ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley said the major reason that the tech giant is still working on its Windows 10 Mobile OS is as an investment in tech and less as an effort to build a commercially viable smartphone.

Myerson added that the company is generally getting better at working with ARM processors (the similar kind of chips that Apple has been using in its latest MacBooks) and with cellular devices by continuing to work on Windows 10 Mobile. “When you stop investing in these things, it’s super hard, super, super hard to restart.”

For Microsoft Corporation, this is a blessing in disguise. For sure, the slow death of Windows smartphones is a setback to the tech giant. “But now that it’s done, and the albatross around the company’s neck is lifting, a smarter Microsoft is already starting to rise up,” says a report from Business Insider.

Failing at what it planned for?

During the release of Windows 10, Microsoft touted that the new operating system would reach 1bn active devices within three years via HoloLens holographic goggles, the Xbox One console, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. The tech giant was insisting to reach a billion users because it wanted to attract developers to the Windows Store – an app market available across Windows 10 on all devices.

For developers and the app makers, that would be a billion potential customers. Also, by doing this, the tech giant wanted to woo the customers away from Android and iPhone, notes BI. The notion was – the proliferation of apps would result in consumers buying more Windows phones, which in turn would solve the enormous app gap of the platform.

It was a smart plan to assist the software giant in gaining some ground on Google and Apple, but it did not work out like that. Microsoft, announced – earlier this year – an indefinite postponement of that goal as the business of Windows phone declined even more.

The Windows 10 has over 400 million active users within a little over a year into its run. The rate of growth is slowing as the free upgrade offer expires. Tech giant like Uber and Facebook have provided Windows 10 apps, but there is still no sign of smaller companies such as Snapchat making itself available on the store. The Windows store is still quite desolate, notes BI.

Blessing in disguise for Microsoft

Thanks to all this, Microsoft Corporation is now making the best of the situation by putting its best stuff on other platforms. Microsoft’s phone business may not be doing well, but its overall hardware business is stronger than ever. Every quarter, the Surface Book laptop and Surface Pro tablet are a profitable, $4-billion-plus business.

Now, the much-expected Surface Studio PC will join that lineup as well. “It’s building the best laptops and tablets out there – and winning converts like me over from Apple’s Macs. It makes Windows more appealing to whole new audiences,” says BI.


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