Could this be the Surface Phone Microsoft is working on?

Surface Phone

#SurfacePhone #MobilesCould this be the Surface Phone Microsoft is working on? : Microsoft has admittedly taken its eye off Windows 10 Mobile and smartphone development for a while now even though some manufacturers continue to market their Windows phones aggressively.

HP recently came up with a jaw-dropping Elite X3 phablet for corporate users and given that there are quite a few takers for it, it could turn out to be the only successful phone featuring Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile OS.

Earlier this year, some reports claimed that Microsoft has out-sourced its phone-making business to the Surface team which churned out popular hybrid tablets and laptops like the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4.

The news was followed by an incredible amount of leaks and claims about an upcoming Surface Phone which is slated to run Intel x86 Atom processors which will enable the phone to run Win32 applications.

Late last week, Evan Blass, who is known to leak images and specs of upcoming devices with élan, published three images of a Windows phone bearing a Microsoft logo and featuring an extremely thin frame.

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