Surface Pro 4: Is it still worth it over a year later?

Surface Pro 4

#SurfacePro4 #TabletSurface Pro 4: Is it still worth it over a year later? : Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 4 over a year ago and in our review, we ranked it very high. With a durable design, nice display and hybrid functionality, it’s a very versatile device.

Thirteen months later, the Surface Pro 4 is getting quite long in the tooth but we thought it’d be a good time to revisit it and see if it is still worthy of purchasing. A maxed out version runs an Intel Core i7 and comes with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage.

Its Pixel Sense high-res display holds up well and the keyboard is still comfortable to use even with limited traction. It also comes with a USB drive and SD Card slot—something that is becoming rare.

This is a fantastic computer, but you probably shouldn’t buy it unless you’re getting a great deal for it. Microsoft unveiled the Surface Book with Performance Base with all new specs, but the Surface Pro was left out in the dust.

This probably means the Surface Pro 5 will come out sometime soon. I doubt Microsoft will wait two years to update one of its most popular computers, which leads me to believe it will get a spec upgrade within the next couple months.

At this point, thirteen months into its lifespan, it’s hard to recommend the Pro 4 with a possible upgrade on the horizon. If you are in the market for one, it might be in your best interest to wait it out and see if this current model drops in price. The Surface Book with Performance Base looks pretty sweet too, but it will cost you more.

You might also want to consider alternatives like the Dell XPS 15 9550 Signature Edition or one of Razer’s new machines. Jon disagrees with me, but we’re all entitled to our opinions. Check out the video above to see what Jon says. Source: technobuffalo


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