Leak: Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 Model Numbers Surface

Samsung Galaxy S8

#GalaxyS8 #GalaxyNote8Leak: Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 Model Numbers Surface : Samsung’s challenging situation in the mobile market is no longer a surprise, at least it shouldn’t be, considering the troubles they had with the Galaxy Note 7 which resulted in two formal recalls and an eventual stop of sales and production on the handset for good.

Looking to wipe the slate clean and move forward, it would seem that Samsung may indeed have plans to continue the Galaxy Note lineup and follow this year’s Galaxy Note 7 with a Galaxy Note 8. According to the most recent rumor, which comes from Evan Blass over on Twitter, Samsung has a device with the model number SM-N950 in the works.

This is significant as Samsung’s previous versions of the Galaxy Note have all carried the “SM-N9” sequence in the model number every year. This year’s Galaxy Note 7 was the SM-N930 along with its multiple variants for each region and carrier. The Galaxy Note 5 was the SM-N920 along with its variants.

With SM-N950 following in the same model number series, it would suggest that this is the Galaxy Note 8. Of course, nothing is made official until Samsung themselves confirm the existence of the phone, and even if they do plan to do so.

It will still likely be some time before that happens as the Galaxy Note device is typically the second flagship device for the year, and is usually announced in the Fall, so it could be nearly a year before there is any concrete evidence about this particular device.

It’s not all about the Galaxy Note 8, though, as Samsung does have two flagship devices. The first and more prominent being the Galaxy S series. The next in line is the Galaxy S8, which has already had numerous rumors floating around about it, including the detail that Samsung is looking at two sizes for the Galaxy S8 display with a 5.7-inch and a 6.2-inch model.

In the same tweet about the SM-N950 model number, Blass mentions that the model numbers for the Galaxy S8 will be SM-G950 and SM-G955, skipping the SM-G94 sequence that would have been next in line following the SM-G93 model number series which was the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

Model numbers by themselves don’t give off very much detail, but they are important pieces of information as they can lend some credence to further details that may pop up in the future, such as specs, shipping dates and regions, etc. Source: androidheadlines


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