#PokemonGO #Gaming‘Pokémon Go’ Latest Update: After Daily Bonus Feature, Players Will Get Extra Pokémon And Items This Week : As part of “Pokémon Go’s” latest version update, the augmented reality game’s new daily bonus feature went live on Monday, and Niantic pitch in another bonus along with the update.

The mobile game company explains on its website that as “Pokémon Go” players celebrate daily bonuses, from Nov. 7 until Nov. 11, gamers will find more Pokémon out in the world.

PokéStops will grant more items, wherein players will gather more Great Balls. More Ultra Balls will be granted to level 20 and above Trainers. One Reddit Polygon.

However, if “Pokémon Go” players will load up the app right now, chances are these players will see the nearby Pokemon window full of creatures in their area. One player even claimed that every time he checked the app since last night, the player have spotted either 8 or 9 Pokémon creatures, BGR reported.

Anyway, while this event is quite complicated as the “Pokémon Go” Halloween event, it’s encouraging to witness the video game company to kick off a new update so soon after the last one. This is a good sign for “Pokémon Go” enthusiasts who hope to see other holiday event before 2016 ends.

That being said, with regards to the daily bonuses, every time “Pokémon Go” gamers get a daily achievement, a gauge will pop up on their screen. For each day these players spin a PokeStop or catch a Pokemon, the game throws up one of the seven bubbles on the gauge. The gauge will also prompt players on what day they are on of their streak. Source: universityherald

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