Samsung Patent Reveals A Foldable Smartphone: Is This The Galaxy X, And Will It Be Out In The Market Next Year?

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#GalaxyX #SmartphoneSamsung Patent Reveals A Foldable Smartphone: Is This The Galaxy X, And Will It Be Out In The Market Next Year? : A recently discovered patent application filed by Samsung shows the company’s plans for a foldable smartphone. Is this the rumored Galaxy X, and will it really be launched into the market next year?

Earlier in the year, there were reports that Samsung will be adding another flagship to its lineup of smartphones next year. Joining the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series would be the Galaxy X, which is expected to have a bendable display. The Galaxy X was further described to be a foldable device with a 4K display.

Is This The Galaxy X?

The patent application found in South Korea by Dutch technology website GalaxyClub could be the first look at what the Galaxy X would look like. Named “Project Valley,” the foldable smartphone somewhat resembles the popular flip phones of previous generations, with a flexible rear hinge and display that allows users to transform the device from the shape of a regular smartphone into the shape of a flip phone.

The hinge is one of the primary innovations featured in the patent, as it will allow users to bend the rear case of the device. The interesting part is that it appears the hinge can be moved along the back of the smartphone, allowing the device to be folded at different parts.

Applications Of A Bendable Smartphone

One of the applications featured in the patent for a foldable device is that users will be able to set up the smartphone depending on the situation.

When typing on the onscreen keyboard, folding the device to bend between the keyboard and the screen might make it easier on the hands and eyes of the user, as it would look like a small laptop.

Folding the smartphone the whole way would then make it easier to carry around, while also protecting the display from any potential scratches or other forms of damage.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone To Launch Soon?

There is no indication that the patent is directly associated with the Galaxy X, nor is there any certainty that the design and technology described in the application will actually be used by Samsung.

The patent does seem plausible though, and it is very likely that Samsung will look to race rivals such as Apple, who has also filed a patent for a foldable iPhone, in releasing the technology into the market.

It might be best if Samsung would not rush the development of the rumored Galaxy X too much though, as the last time that the company did that, it was to get the Galaxy Note 7 out into the market before the iPhone 7 – and we all know how that turned out. Source: Techtimes


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