iOS 10 Jailbreak Is Here, But Pangu Has Failed Again

iOS 10 Jailbreak

#iOS10 #JailbreakiOS 10 Jailbreak Is Here, But Pangu Has Failed Again : In September, Apple released the new iOS 10, which filled iPhones with both upgraded and brand new features. But for those that have taken a liking to jailbreaking their devices in order to get the best of both worlds, the update has only been a nuisance, especially since Pangu has failed to provide the necessary jailbreaking took. Fortunately, another group has filled this void.

According to Science World Report, a group called the Unlock-Jailbreak Team has already released a jailbreak tool for iOS 10 that is working on various iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices. Not only has this group released what the more popular Pangu group has not been able to do, but its tool provides more benefits. Jailbroken devices not only have access to Cydia, but can now experience greater efficiency.

Cydia, which allows iOS users to download software not normally found within the operating system, is the basic reason why users jailbreak their devices. However, the tool from Unlock-Jailbreak Team also unlocks the SIM card exclusivity feature on the devices, as well as updates for a lifetime and money-back guarantee.

Of course, the group has also guaranteed that no harm will come to the device once jailbroken. But despite this, there are other reports that claim security will be an issue once the tool is used. As such, it users must be adamant about backing up the files on whatever iOS 10 devices they are planning to jailbreak.

The mere existence of an iOS 10 jailbreaking tool from Unlock-Jailbreak Team begs to question whether or not Pangu gave up, or if they were simply outsmarted. As Neurogadget notes, the hacking group has remained quiet on this issue, so there is no guarantee that it will release a tool in the future. However, previous reports have claimed that Pangu already has the tool within their arsenal and are just waiting for the a more opportune time to release the same.


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