Surface Phone Specs And Pictures Leaked Ahead of Release

Surface Phone

#SurfacePhone #Microsoft – Surface Phone Specs And Pictures Leaked Ahead of Release : Microsoft Surface Phone has seen so many rumors lately, yet nothing official. Lately, we got ahold of a set of pictures which appear to show off an interesting device of the likes we’ve never seen before.

After the images were posted everyone started speculating that these photos are showing off the original Surface Phone. Microsoft does have a couple of big releases up its sleeve, but those won’t arrive this year. In 2017 it is expected that the tech company will launch a brand new smartphone to replace the old Lumia business, and it’s not bad.

We’re talking about the Surface Phone which is set to feature a stylus and a mini keyboard since that’s the nature of surface devices. This phone is going to have some amazing tech specs as well, but in most appearances, it seems to be aimed at business customers rather than the average consumer, although the latter will certainly enjoy this excellent piece of work.

Microsoft Surface Phone Images

The latest images that got leaked to social media come from one of the most reliable sources in the industry, and that is Evan Blass. He recently tweeted photos of a smartphone running Windows 10, but he didn’t explicitly say that it was the Surface Phone.

It’s safe enough to assume it is since Microsoft only has the Lumia devices in this department, a lineup which it already killed off because it wasn’t making any profit whatsoever. The device looks fantastic, and the premium look gives it a nice appeal to customers.

It remains to be seen if so much hype for the Surface Phone will result in something good for Microsoft or not. Check out the images he tweeted linked below and tell us what you think about this slick design by leaving a comment


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