iPhone 8 News, Updates & Specs: Could iPhone 8 Have Smaller Bezels & Curved Screen? Find Out Here!

iPhone 8 News

#iPhone8 #iOS11iPhone 8 News, Updates & Specs: Could iPhone 8 Have Smaller Bezels & Curved Screen? Find Out Here! : There are a lot of different iPhone 8 rumors going around right now, mostly due to Apple realizing the need to really innovate after this year. The iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro 2016 aren’t getting the universal mindblowing reactions they were expecting, and this year marked a surprising decline in sales after more than a decade of dominating the market.

So the biggest rumor surrounding the iPhone 8’s potential look has to do with the real estate on the phone’s front. TechRadar reports that a lot of industry pundits are speculating that Apple will do away with some of the bezels, specifically the ones that are on the side of the display.

MacRumors expounds on this by saying that the iPhone 8 may have a curved OLED screen, finally bringing the technology to the smartphone mainstream.

The rumors are also saying that it’s possible that Apple finally follows Android phones’ lead by bumping up the iPhone 8 screen size to 5 and 5.8-inch displays, for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

This is to be done without making the physical size of the phone bigger, so that may mean getting rid of the bezels on the top and bottom as well. It could also mean that the Home button gets removed entirely, turning into an onscreen button like on the Google Nexus and Pixel lines.

As reported previously, other speculated features of the iPhone 8 include an improved wireless charging system and a body that incorporates glass elements.

The only thing with all these rumors is that sources from within Apple itself say that while these are being considered now, none of them are completely finalized yet. All of them would be great to have on the new iPhone, though, but stay tuned for more updates as the company prepares its new model. Source: Gamenguide


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