Nintendo Switch Release Date: ‘Monster Hunter,’ ‘Resident Evil,’ other Capcom games to get Switch version?

Nintendo Switch Release Date

#NintendoSwitch #GamingNintendo Switch Release Date: ‘Monster Hunter,’ ‘Resident Evil,’ other Capcom games to get Switch version? : With the impending release of Nintendo’s new console, the Nintendo Switch, more game publishers and developers have expressed interest to support the upcoming device. Capcom is the latest gaming company to partner with the Japan-based firm.

The Nintendo Switch currently has a limited gaming title inventory given the console’s recent unveiling. In Nintendo’s preview clip for the said device, fans saw a hint of several games such as “Mario,” “Mario Kart,” “Splatoon,” “NBA2K17” and the upcoming “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”

Several gaming companies are expected to release a Nintendo Switch version for some of their hit game titles. In Capcom’s latest earnings statement, as acquired by Digital Trends, the gaming publisher made mention of its plans to port some of its Xbox One and PS4 games to Nintendo’s new console.

It appears that the Capcom has already started its internal research to identify the feasibility of developing games for the Switch. With a multi-platform implementation plan, the company is looking to release games for the Xbox One, PS4, as well as Nintendo’s new hybrid console.

The game publisher did not identify gaming titles that it plans to port to the Switch. However, avid gamers are hoping to see a Nintendo Switch version of “Monster Hunter,” “Resident Evil,” “Dead Rising” and other hit Capcom games. At this time, it is also unclear if the said game publisher will proceed with its plans to develop Nintendo Switch games. Capcom mentioned in its financial statement that it typically releases gaming titles after a careful review process.

Capcom stated, “We determine which platform to release a title for after considering the features of both our software and the hardware in question, believing we must bring the enjoyment of our games to their maximum potential.”

In other news, the game “Super Smash Bros” will also be ported to the Nintendo Switch. The game, including a few Amiibo figures, will be launched six months after the Switch’s release. The Nintendo Switch is expected to hit gaming markets in March 2017. Watch the teaser below: Source: gamenguide


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