‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ leaks & updates: To feature new Pokemon stats, Pokemon types, menu options

Pokemon Sun and Moon

#Nintendo #Pokemon ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ leaks & updates: To feature new Pokemon stats, Pokemon types, menu options : Few updates surfaced on the past days regarding the new leaks on Nintendo’s upcoming “Pokemon Sun and Moon” franchise, which specifies the stats and types of new Pokemon on the game and its menu options.

In addition to the countless trailers released for the game, data miners have been busy extracting as much information as is physically possible about the game prior its release. Now, a certain YouTuber, tagged as Kaphotics, has released a series of videos that cover the stats and types of just about every new Pokémon.

According to Mic, Rowlet starts off with mixed stats and poor speed (42). It starts to gain decent stat boost after evolving into Dartrix through good attack and defense but lagging speed. In its final form as Decidueye, this starter gets a big stat boost pushing its speed to 70 and attack up to 107.

Litten, a fire-type cat, flaunts an impressive speed (70) and attack (65) for a starter Pokemon. Upon evolving into Torracat, its speed escalates to 90 and its attack poses 85. With its final form as Incineroar, the fire cat’s speed plummets to 60 through its attack comes in a staggering 115.

Following the leaks, Popplio, the soloist Pokemon in sea lion form will exhibit favorable stats on its special attack and special defense. This Pokemon’s speed, health, and regular defense/attack should be tough for trainers to handle at the start, but they should increase steadily as this starter Pokémon evolves into Brionne and eventually Primarina.

Another leak point to the stats of Lunala, one of the game’s two legendary Pokemon. Online images reveal that Lunala will be a part ghost-type and part psychic-type with some impressive stats, showcasing a speed of 127 and a whopping 232 HP.

According to MNR Daily, the menu for “Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon” has also been revealed together with the new Pokemon stats and types. The leak shows that players can customize the games in terms of text speed, battle effects, and battle style.

In addition, a player can view his/her Pokémon, Pokédex, bag, trainer passport, use Pokémon refresh, and save their game. Pokémon refresh will allow users to clean and take care of their Pokémon after a battle.

“Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon” are slated to be released on Nov. 23 in Europe, while game is scheduled for a worldwide release on Nov. 18. The games are available for pre-order at the Nintendo website. Source: Yibada


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