To Promote Android TV Google should do the extra effort

#Google #AndroidTVTo Promote Android TV Google should do the extra effort : The last few weeks have been full of Google-related news and unlike previous years, most of it being hardware-related news. There are some new phones, a new VR headset, a new home thing, an updated Chromecast and more. Now, while some of these products (like Google Home) do offer Android TV-usage, there was no major Android TV announcement of late.

Yes, the Mi Box was released but compared to their other announcements that have come through, the Mi Box is not exactly a ‘made by Google’ endorsed product. So at the superficial level, with all this new hardware coming from Google, the absence of any Android TV devices that are ‘made by Google’ is bad enough. However, what makes this all worse is that Google seems to be doing very little to actually promote the Android TV platform and that is disappointing.

It is no secret that Android TV needs bigger levels of adoption. It does. Android TV devices do not sell in the region that other competing products do and this has a knock-on effect for development as a whole. If more people are using, more development comes. Less people using, less development comes. Or at least, slower rates of development.

Now, this also happens to be at a time when Google is on one of its biggest marketing splurges in recent memory. So Google right now is in marketing mode and yet Android TV literally gets no help on the marketing front from Google at all. To put this into perspective, this week saw Google release seven new promotional spots for Chromecast. While they might only be short spots, they are still spots.

Ones which showcase Chromecast, what it can do and why you should buy it. Something which is largely absent from the Android TV scene. Google almost never seems to release any adverts showcasing Android TV, its abilities, or why you should buy it, even though it is a much more powerful TV-solution than Chromecast.



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