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Top 20 iPhone and iPad Business app for free today

#iOS #AppTop 20 iPhone and iPad Business app for free today : When you run a small business, you’re often pulled in several directions all at once. Not only are you in charge of everyday operations, but you must handle payroll, employee issues, and anything else that pops up.

If the demands on your time feel overwhelming, take heart: There are thousands of productivity apps out there that can help you do everything from keep a neat to-do list to delegate tasks to employees and stay on top of your business expenses.

Which Top Business app are best? That will largely depend on your business and your own preferences. If you don’t have the time to wade through an endless list of apps, we’ve plucked several tried-and-true options to get you started. Have a personal favorite to recommend?

TopScanner : PDF Scanner App



***** iOS 10 supported, Free for limited time, Download now! *****

” Excellent functions, easy to use, scanner quality is best out there. ” – by rdelrosa
” Very simple to use and very effective. Great app! A scanner everywhere you go.” – by Mspizzaman
” Easy and intuitive when I need to scan a document with several pages!” – by Tony

Turns your iPhone or iPad into full-featured document scanner

TopScanner can easily scan any paper documents into PDF files with your iPhone or iPad. It will transform your iPhone or iPad into a powerful portable scanner. TopScanner can scan any written, printed material, including: books, receipts, paper notes, whiteboards, contracts or agreements, checks, rentals, sketches and much more, and convert them to multi-page PDF files. So you can get a digitized copy of the original files. You can backup, email or upload these PDF documents easily and quickly.

With TopScanner app, you can:

* Scan your receipts and save as PDF file to trace your expenses
* Sign your contract with a pen and scan it with TopScanner, then send back by email
* Scan the whiteboard in classroom and read them in iBooks as PDF documents
* Digitize your paper documents and keep them organized
* Scan interesting newspaper or book pages for future reading
* Scan business card and save as a single PDF file
* Backup your documents to cloud storage

Key features of TopScanner:

*Automatically detect document borders in real time
*Correct perspective and distortion
*Advanced color processing to remove shadows
*Multi-page PDF editing: append ,rearrange or delete pages
*Organize your scanned documents in folders, sort by name, date or search by title.
*Control your PDF document size and quality.