Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue Stealth Fix Issued By Microsoft

Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue

#Microsoft #SurfacePro3Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue Stealth Fix Issued By Microsoft : Surface Pro 3 users have been experiencing battery life issues, but this matter has been silent on social media lately which prompted people to do a little research and after some looking it seems Microsoft rolled out an update. The latest firmware update was silent, but it addressed some fundamental problems regarding battery life.

If you own a Surface Pro 3, chances are you’ve already experienced the drastic decrease in battery life. You’re not the only one and Microsoft has been trying to fix this issue for ages now with little luck. As it currently stands, a firmware update silently rolled out on the 8th of November which apparently got rid of any Surface Pro 3 battery issues. It’s fascinating because after the last update a second battery issue emerged and that got fixed apparently thanks to the latest firmware update. You should upgrade to the newest version of the Surface Pro 3’s firmware as soon as possible.

Huge Issues On Surface Pro 3 Battery Life

We’re glad this has been finally fixed, but Microsoft handled this in a destitute way. The Surface Pro 3 is a very expensive device and issues like this shouldn’t even exist. Microsoft ignored this issue a long time and tried to fix it but merely didn’t manage to. As a matter of fact, one update that promised to fix the Surface Pro 3 battery life issues made things worse, but those problems are in the past now. Head on over to your device’s settings and check for any software updates to ensure that any battery issues are a thing of the past.

Has the latest Surface Pro 3 firmware update done anything to fix your battery issues on the Surface Pro 3? Describe your issues by leaving a comment and tell us how you got them fixed.
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