Xbox Scorpio Release Date, News: Device To Use UWP Games Compatible On Windows 10 And Xbox One

Xbox Scorpio Release Date

#XboxScorpio #XboxOneXbox Scorpio Release Date, News: Device To Use UWP Games Compatible On Windows 10 And Xbox One : Many gamers are excited to get their hands on Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Scorpio gaming console. The Xbox Scorpio is expected to be packed with a very powerful hardware and the device might utilize the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) games that are compatible with Xbox One and Windows 10.

The American tech giant wanted to create a single ecosystem that spans consoles, mobile, PCs, and the holographic computer, Hololens. This will be called the UWP, and at the center of it will supposedly be Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Scorpio, according to Windows Central.

For reference, the Universal Windows Platform or called as the UWP, is basically an app that can run on any Windows-based device, from a person’s phone to their tablet or PC. This only indicates that with very nominal work, developers can make a practical use of apps and games across a number of devices, Value Walk reported.

Anyway, it has been said that the Xbox Scorpio will have a serious hardware update. In fact, the Xbox Scorpio is anticipated to be powered by a GPU which is 43 percent faster compared to the one powering the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The upcoming Microsoft gaming console might clock at 6 teraflops, and the gaming system is believed to come along with a 4K support and hardware that will be much more powerful compared to Sony’s console, MobiPicker has learned.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s gaming console is also anticipated to be VR-ready, though VR won’t be the center of interest of the upcoming Xbox Scorpio. Xbox boss Phil Spencer stated that virtual reality tech is certainly attractive, however, it is unknown whether the technology will become the next big thing in the gaming world.

In spite of that, the Xbox Scorpio is expected to hit the market during 2017’s holiday season. Even so, concrete details are expected to burst out as Microsoft spills every information about the upcoming Xbox Scorpio gaming console. Source: universityherald


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