Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro: Which Is More Powerful?

Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro

#XboxScorpio #PS4ProXbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro: Which Is More Powerful? : Now that the PS4 Pro has hit the shelves and the Xbox Scorpio will follow in about 12 months, it’s time to talk about how these two mid-generation console upgrades are not created equally. The fact that the PS4 Pro is now available to buy means we know a lot more about it than the Xbox. However, there’s already enough information available to make a telling comparison.

Xbox Scorpio vs. PlayStation 4 Pro

When it comes to console gaming, the emergence of 4K and VR have forced both Microsoft and Sony to rip up the console rule book. Neither device is considered to be next-generation, but in Sony’s case, the PS4 is only three years old. Even so, it has seen fit to add to what it now calls the PS4 family.

So what’s the Xbox rationale behind the Xbox Scorpio? To answer that question, you have to understand that the two consoles are moving in different directions. Sony has stated that it wants to prevent its console users from moving to PC gaming, and it thinks the PS4 Pro can avoid this.

As for Microsoft, it has taken a less obvious approach, insisting that the Xbox Scorpio will usher in the end of console cycles. So now that we have more questions than answers about the Xbox, let’s have a closer look at each device.

Which is more powerful: Xbox Scorpio or PS4 Pro?

Confidence is the key to getting on, and in a recent interview with, the senior director of product management at Xbox showed he and his Xbox team have it in spades. In that interview, Albert Penello talked about the anticipation surrounding the launch of the PS4 Pro, and said: “I feel pretty good about the decisions we’ve made. Both we and Sony are investing in 4K as the future of the console space, and we have a history of adding features to our hardware.”

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